About Our Company


provides grant management, program management, economic development, financial consulting, Davis Bacon labor standards, CDBG compliance and Section 3 training for public, private and non-profit entities. Our team members  and affiliates have more than 45 years of combined knowledge in all of the services we provide. Our team continues to provide advice and consulting services to clients across the state and has a wealth of knowledge and experience far beyond grant management. Our firm ensures that all projects are in compliance with state and federal regulations, come in within budget and are completed in a timely manner.  

Since 2006, PGMS team members and affiliates have obtained grant funding, administered projects from conception to close out of a total of:

85% of Katrina Supplemental CDBG Disaster Projects in the State of Mississippi
• Regular CDBG Projects            $11.9+  Million
• Katrina CDBG Projects            $625.9+  Million

One only has to take a look around the state to see the tremendous impact that PGMS has been a part of revitalizing and rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.

Our primary markets are:

Company Ownership

Michele Moore, Owner of Professional Grant Management Services LLC (PGMS) is a Certified Grant Writer® with theAmerican Grant Writers' Association, a certification granted to only five professionals in the grant consulting field in Mississippi. Professional Grant Management Services, LLC, is designated as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise by being a Woman Owned Business. Mrs. Moore also owns Jimmy Gouras Urban Planning Consultants Inc. (JGUPC), an urban planning consulting company, that was created in 1988 by Jimmy G. Gouras. She began her CDBG career as an employee with JGUPC in 2006, became a co-owner in 2011 and sole owner in 2013, at which time she established Professional Grant Management Services, LLC, to serve all newly awarded contracts. JGUPC remains an active business pending completion of all current projects originally contracted under the JGUPC name.